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Google sees mobile future for free with advertising.

Enrico Schmidt, CEO of Google believes that in future mobile phones will be free for users to accept certain forms of advertising.
Enric said, that are increasingly mobile and pocket personal computers and consumers spend several hours a day talking, texting or surfing the internet and that advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy.

Finally Google buys YouTube.

After several rumors eventually confirmed the purchase of YouTube by Google search engine.

So is published by The Washington Post, the price of the sale was of 1650 million dollars in Google shares, about 1300 million euros.

The founders of YouTube as well as its 65 employees will become part of Google's workforce.

Belgian newspapers win suit against Google.

A Belgium court has ordered Google to not play more articles from French-speaking daily in the news sections of their pages, as he said an organization of local press.

The lawsuit against Google, the most used Internet search engine was lodged by Copiepresse, an organization that manages copyright for French-speaking press in Belgium and Germany

The ruling was issued on September 5 and believes that Google should pay a fine of 1 million euros every day but he does so from Monday.

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