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Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Putting terror" Faq What Da Show "

post a Facebook status or post a video on YouTube would be somewhat trivial. Jose Romero, popularly known as Mox network can not say the same because every time you update your profile in this network and upload a video to YouTube receives thousands of "likes" and comments, it is very relevant publication .

This is the creator of What Da Faq Show, one of the phenomena of the internet which publishes every weekend a short collection of videos, among curious, odd and humorous, which has thousands of fans waiting on Sunday to see and share a new chapter.

In an interview with El Universal, Mox-a 24-year-Lima told us that the history of this project began writing when he discovered "the true use of YouTube." Notes that saw it as a way to create Internet audience and their first actions were post videos of 'covers' of songs by other artists and some of their own. "So, like playing, I saw that my audience (visitors) increased," he added.

Emulating some videos of 'vloggers' * in the United States, Mox managed to build an identity and start to pump up Faq What Da Show, which now has over 400 000 fans on Facebook-watered in several countries in the world and a 45 million video views on YouTube.

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