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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

iPhone 4S

I did not think to buy the iPhone 4S. By custom floor skip a product update, which seem more upgrades (upgrades) to new releases. However, given that stole my iPhone 4 in last Christmas, I decided to buy the iPhone 4S

I take these first lines in Peru to discuss the procedures for buying a car are more comfortable and faster than the process to buy an iPhone on course. 5 hours it took me the whole process, and again of course recommend it to better train their staff (the chip platform sold me a wrong and wanted to blame me for the mistake). Finally, after affixing my signature and fingerprint in about 25 papers, 5 hours after entering the premises (happily took the biography of Steve Jobs), I went with my iPhone 4S.
The iPhone 4S, as you probably know, does not bring anything new regarding the design. The only thing different I noticed in the hardware design is that the left side buttons are located a few millimeters lower than the iPhone 4S. I noticed the detail in wanting to use one of my covers on the new computer.
In the two weeks I've been using the computer, these points are those that feature:
Speed: The iPhone 4 was fast, but the 4S flies. The new dual-core chip A5 does its work wonders when it comes to performance. There are no breaks or interruptions in the loading and running applications. 10 points.
Photos and video: The new camera is spectacular. The quality of them is impressive. You can also record videos in 1080p HD quality. The best camera currently on a smartphone.
Siri ¿? A disappointment. My English is quite good, but I can not call contacts on my agenda using voice because they are Latin names, and Siri not understand them unless you use the English pronunciation of these names, which is uncomfortable. To expect to leave the Spanish version.
Still, the team is worth its high price, at least for me. This may be an objective assessment is not because the past few years I ended up moving completely to Apple products (MacBook, iPhone and iPad) but I've never felt so comfortable with technology as I am to use products of this brand. Just work.

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