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Love Jokes ^_^</ strong="">
The Law of murphynauta:

The probability that an aunt of the messenger or icq really is an aunt is inversely proportional to the desire to have contact with children.

poems and love poems


Asked a friend to another: My husband and I are inseparable.

- They are always together?

"No, is that when we fight it takes up to 8 neighbors to separate.

poems and love poems

When I saw you.

A couple is in a restaurant He tells her:

"Look, the girl in red dress me smiling.

- Ya! The first time I saw you, I also died laughing.

funny love poems

What do you like?

If you like a blonde, you'll marry a brunette!

That you like brunettes, you'll marry a blonde!.

And if that is not met, then dyed hair!

poems and love poems

When I die.

Mary, promise me that when I die you'll marry Victor.

- But if your worst enemy!

"That's why, you fuck!

love affairs

Love like fire.

Love is how the fire before the smoke often see those outside, the flames that are inside.

poems and love poems


Smart man smart woman = romance and fun.

Smart man dumb woman = affair.

Silly man smart woman = marriage happy.

Silly man dumb woman = pregnancy.

poems and love poems

In the physician.

A couple goes to the doctor and after examining the woman, the doctor tells the husband: "Actually I do not like the looks of your wife.

"Go!, Not to me," but his father is rich.

poems and love poems

Smart husband.

A wise husband is one who buys the best fine china with his wife and never let him wash the dishes.

love jokes


Mary, now that I'm going to die I want to confess a secret.

- What secret?

"He recently cheated you with your best friend.

- Why do you think I poisoned you?

poems and love poems

Gift Flores.

The woman tells her husband:

- Oye, Manolo, you never occurred to you buy flowers?

- That, if you're still alive!

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