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Virtual Bartender

Virtual Bartender

Descripción del juego: Give a command to the all obeying bartender
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Motoracing |
“Exciting motocross racing

videojuegos gratuitosCuando
the engine begins to sound these spectacular dirt bikes it seems
silence around the dirt tracks, sand and rock start
I like this kind of racing you are bored of the tracks official
asphalt ... Motoracing is motorcycle racing game
were expecting.
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Hero Fighter |
“Free fighting game for pc

hero fighterHero
Fighter is a new fighting game for PC in your role is
hero of your army and also are able to influence your soldiers,
motivate them, fight them and win any battle you
You choose your hero from a predefined list and once this is done
will have to build your entire army, selecting both drives
infantry, cavalry, or archers.
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Desert Blitz |
“Action strategy game online

videojuego onlineDesert
Blitz is a very original game that gets us into the role of a
general war, and we moved to an environment of armed conflict
Some of the activities we commit to our patrols are collected
materials, battle, weapons development, research and espionage.
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They Need to be Fed
1.0 | “Secuela del juego Maru 1.1″

videojuegos gratuitosGame
type platforms created by the same designer Maru. This time with many
more levels and a lot more complexity brings us this fantastic game: They Need to
Be Fed
The protagonist is the same character, They Need To Be Fed, with a dynamic
very similar game to Maru 1.1, where our aim will be jumping
each platform dodging dangers, which in this case are guns or spines.
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Maru 1.1 | “Playing
with molecules in space.

juegos infantilesA
minimalist game as never before seen.
With simple graphics and very well designed Maru 1.1 is a game
free from start to finish, will keep you stuck playing.
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Rumble Fighter |
“Action-packed street fights

juego de luchaRumble
Fighter is a free online 3D fighting and running multiplayer
Windows exclusively developed for some continents.
The player must battle with other wrestlers, including teams from
fighters. This game allows players to choose between different fighting styles (known in the game as Sacred Scrolls).
We can also transform in the midst of battle and change the appearance of
player and his fighting skills by Exocores.
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SR 3D Builder |
“Build your own Legos to the program

SR 3d BuilderWho does not
has enjoyed as a child of the classic LEGO's ... You can relive those great
now with the 3D SR Builder , and create your models of weapons,
vehicles or buildings as if you had the Legos in your hands is so simple
and fun.
Edit and store your witty creating models go, and páusalos
reanúdalos without fear that someone appears to be stepped on and destroy your great
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