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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fundraising Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales) Help!

When you see these days online encyclopedia Wikipedia appears superimposed a huge warning letters asking that the surfer read a request from the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales. This is a new fundraising campaign. The message itself reminds Wales at the end: "Every year around this time, we extend our hand to ask you, and the entire Wikipedia community, helps to maintain our joint initiative with a modest donation of 10, 20, $ 50 or more. If you value Wikipedia as a source of information-and inspiration, "I trust that you will act accordingly. My best wishes."
In the text, Wales briefly reviews the history of the project - "I looked puzzled many ten years ago when I started talking to people about Wikipedia." The founder said that many doubted that a project based on volunteers could become an important compendium of human knowledge. "All for the simple purpose of sharing. No ads. Non-Profits. No intentions or hidden agendas." A decade later, he says, more than 380 million people use Wikipedia every month, almost a third of the population with Internet access. Wikipedia is the fifth most popular site on the Internet, but "the other four have been created and maintained with billions of dollars in investment, many employees on the payroll and relentless marketing."
Wales se dirige al lector y le pide una donación porque "juntos, podemos mantenerla libre de costes y de publicidad. Podemos mantenerla abierta, para que puedas usar la información en Wikipedia de la forma que quieras. Podemos mantenerla en crecimiento, propagando el conocimiento a todas partes, e invitando a la participación de todos.
Wales addresses the reader and asks for a donation because "together we can keep it free of costs and advertising. We keep it open, so you can use the information in Wikipedia for the way you want. We can keep growing, spreading the knowledge everywhere, and inviting participation.
Money problems, however, do not seem as pressing as the need to maintain a stable number of publishers who provide or review the contents of the popular encyclopedia. Although the message does not mention this point since last year a Spanish researcher, Felipe Ortega, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, drew attention to the loss of publishers holding capacity.

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