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Monday, January 3, 2011

Nasa finds missing day of the Bible

The Bible was right and I checked NASA. Space Program announces a missing day in history, but the Bible has the answer at the time of Josue story. Those who have read the Old Testament of the Holy Bible know that the time "detubo for a day," NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space of the United States, took the matter very seriously and began to investigate whether what he said the Bible was true.

A computer software checked the veracity of an event considered as a myth. Harold Hill, president of Curtis machinery Baltimore, Maryland, and consultant to NASA, broke the news: "NASA computaarizado developed a program to know the position of the sun, moon and planets in space, at any time in the future to prevent these bodies esapciales path they are in our spacecraft and artificial satellites, and motor vehicle crash against them.

Programmed the computer to do the calculation forward and backward in time, but at any given time the program detubo, giving a warning of a serious error in the computation of time reviewing the software, found that the alarm was referring to " the lack of a day "in the space of time that has elapsed on earth. Scientists puzzled and desided queraon wing call the maintenance office to check the machine and program. The technicians noticed that he was in percfectas acomputer conditions. The director of operations for IBM asked him what the problem was and to his surprise was. "We found a missing day in the universe of time in history."

A team member, who was a Christian, reminded that "Once the sun detubo by uqe Joshua asked God to continue a difficult battle (which ended with the fall of the walls of Jericho), which ended winning" .


To verify this, the technician took his bliblia and read the book of Joshua. In this passage God was telling Joshua. "Do not be afraid for the eh uqe delivered into your hands, none of them will be able to resist."

Josue was concerned that the enemy was surrounded and if aviation oscurecia the enemy could defeat them. It was then that Joshua asked God to detubiera the sun. And so it happened. In the Bible says, "And the sun and moon detubo unemployment ... and the sun stood in the midst of heaven and hastened not to oppose almost a whole day."

The space program engineers arrived conclucion wing lodge that this is the missing day. Quickly checked on the computer back in time at the time described in the Bible and found that it approached a lot, but not the exact embedding you, the time was lacking in the time of Josue was 23 hours and 20 minutes, was not Full day.

New mind read the Bible and there it said "almost a whole day" (Joshua 10:13) aviation part of the problem is solved. However missing 40 minutes and this occasions a great problem. If you did not show those forty minutes, they produce large discrepancies in the load space due to "the minutes are multiplied many times each orvita" according to NASA.

The dial of Ahaz

But there is a place in the bliblia dodne mentions that the sun had retreated. Ue pensaronq scientists that it was crazy, but it was the second book of Kings, chapter 20, where Ralat following things: "King Hezekiah was vicit on his deathbed by the prophet Isaiah, who would not worry dijoq ue , that still would not die, Hezekiah asked for a sign of prueva. Isaias said, "quoeres the shadow of the dial of Ahaz ten degrees forward or back ten degrees?".

Hezekiah did not believe and therefore asked for a signal to Isaiah: "the shadow go forward ten degrees or retrodera ten degrees?" And Hezekiah answered: "easy is that the shadow down ten degrees, but the shadow ten degrees back." "Isaiah called upon the Lord made the shadow go back ten degrees to advanced aviation sun clock Ahaz" Ten degrees is forty minutes. 23 hours and 20 minutes in the case of Joshua, plus 40 minutes in Second Kings complete 24 hours of the Space Progam ohmbres the EU adds tubieronq wing history as the day is missing in the Universe.

Author: Juanz

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