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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Arche Age

The team began to develop Arche Age in 2006, and applied famous CryEngine2. The 3 official screenshots below improved themselves considerable exercise of the reality. “Everyone who enter Arche Age, will start their journey to solve the relationship between 12 forefathers and this world.” Korea popular fantasy novelist talked about Arche Age’s main storyline. Other than humans, elves and dwarves, there will be 5 other races to choose from, most being very unique races.

Besides, Jake Song announced their next-gen MMORPGs will make users to design multiple of in-game contents at KGC 2009. All behaviors in game will interact original world. It’s the time to change the gaming ways – from enjoying oneself’s simple behaviors to turning behaviors into parts of the game’s history!

To compete with other next-gen projects such as 7 Souls, C9, Tera and Blade & Soul. Beta Test of Arche Age will be confirmed later. The first beta is being planned in June 2010 in Korea. Open Beta is expected to start at end 2010.

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