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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Champions Online

With all these changes and pieces of information being released, players are starting to doubt the authenticity of the game. Will it still remain true to the feeling and playstyle of the first Dragon Age? BioWare’s David Gaider wrote on the BioWare Social Network, “People appear to be acting as if the scant details we’ve revealed are all they’ll ever learn about the game ever, and they’re thus required to render judgement immediately.” “You might, in fact, want to see exactly how we’re implementing these features you dislike and seeing for yourself whether they differ from, say, Mass Effect’s,” he continued. “There are similarities, of course, but there are also differences… and to assume you know everything about how the game is going to feel based off the most cursory of information is just going to make you look foolish,” Gaider also wrote. Gaider and the rest of the team at BioWare assures Dragon Age followers to not be alarmed, the game will provide new and interesting features that the first one did not contain, but it will also stay true to the tingly feeling you got when you first played Dragon Age: Origins.

Below are the newly released screenshots of Dragon Age II; click the images to enlarge them.

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