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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Blocks Hotmail Accounts

Hotmail accounts began to block the number of users who create accounts and not use them so they are lost and no others can use it on their website reads as follows:
The account has been blocked
Why are you watching this?
Has anyone been able to use your account to send many spam messages (or have done something that violates the Terms of Service Windows Live ).
We're here to help you recover your account.
What to do?
We ask you to provide a mobile number where we can send you a verification code and add this number to your Windows Live profile for future use. After writing the code, you can change the password and login.
We've cleaned up your account settings
Often, clients come here because someone has access to your account and is using it without your knowledge to send spam. To protect both you and your contacts, have removed the automatic responses Hotmail or linked accounts that may have had.
And in the NEXT step sends you to place the user's mobile number


Published online username and password of 10,000 Hotmail accounts
Windows Live users can retrieve their email through a form
Could have affected up to 20,000 accounts and other servers like Yahoo and Gmail
Microsoft explains that it was an attack of 'phishing' because they do not store passwords
Telematic Crimes unit is recommended to change the password

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