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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Actor Schwarzenegger is addicted to sex

The renowned Austrian actor Arnold Schwarzenegger 63 years, who is now Governor of California, has been brought to light with many controversial aspects of his life in an unauthorized biography.

The well-known biographer of the artists named Ian Halperin, wrote of the Governor, telling about his time as a "dealer" of steroids, his addiction to money and sex. The writer says as Schwarzenegger had a big ambition to be rich that even he sold steroids to athletes in competition, and said that stories about Tiger Woods' girls are women with those of Arnold.

"Arnold is, to some extent, honest (about the use of synthetic substances to accelerate the development of muscle bulk). It's a great businessman, always wanted to be rich. What was striking is that he was selling steroids to other athletes to profit. It was stupid, "said the biographer.

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