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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Google and their biggest mistakes

Today Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world, and it is in my opinion mainly due to two factors. The first is the tremendous capacity for innovation that have, and second, their expertise in terms of doing things really well at all levels. Of course, risk to innovate is not easy and Google, as has happened to all companies, also has hit a major bump along its short but intense history.

About this from the mistakes of Google and other issues related to the search behemoth has spoken in the closing hours Marissa Mayer, the "face"-pretty in my opinion, and extremely smart of the company, in an interview at Digg Dialogg. Specifically for the Vice President, Search Products & User Experience Google's three biggest mistakes made by the company have been:

Google Wave, or the first fault listed. In the interview he said "Wave. We learned a lot from him, certain things that could have been done differently. "

The strategy followed by closing Deja News: Wave after spoke of Deja News, a site that was dedicated to searching and discussion groups on the Usenet network, and how it ended, the second error. "Close Dejanews.com at 11 am on a Monday and have no site to post or search the discussion groups may have been a mistake."

The day chosen to launch Gmail: the April fools day in the U.S. (April 1) Google always spend a joke as it launched Gmail for Mayer January 1st of April was a failure and many thought they were in a thank the company. About it said "Launch Gmail in April fools day was widely misunderstood."

As usual see-is-Mayer did not get wet a lot and I am convinced of two things at 100%. One is that the last two errors let them go to free the lump and look good. And two, sure there are other things that were far more serious failures listed but have been silent (logical, one thing to be autocratic and a different list smacks of the biggest company in which you are one of the most important not to have many options remarks. Too risky and committed).

Finally, the question many are waiting: what have been for you the biggest mistakes made by Google in recent years?. If you leave enough in the comments are likely to collect in a new post.

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