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Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Manco Dionicio Campos" great fall

A few days ago I was researching a bit about the school "Manco Dionicio Campos" (DMC) and I made a great impres its enormous change. In 1980 from be the start of my research until 2000 was one of the best schools in the south of Lima, Cañete Province - San Pedro del Valle de Mala, took many recognition in different areas and even chipped in sports and discipline, under great height between those years, in short was one of the best schools at the district level without neglecting the teachers who contributed to them.

Over time, after the year 2000 was a major relapse by students, did not participate in events and lso they did every time they failed, the marches, contests, discipline fell down. Alunmos today no longer seem the students, teachers and begging not to work aen enter the center even though not so exaggerated and do not seem to be formed and Professionals future achievements and vistudes were just a great story told only not to lose hope of returning to the Mancocampinos of the 90.

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