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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sleep with 180 Colombian Alacranes

5 years ago are fed cockroaches give afiema neighbors and an animal that is "noble."

Wing majority for what it is seems impossible to happen every 5 years dias.Desde Colombian Hector Garcia Comviva with nearly 200 scorpions.

Hector started with his unusual "hobby" as a game, but the border process and transfer of his country and ah call the attention of the media. This man is known in Colombia for sharing your home with these animals that have never ed and pacifist living in a fishbowl.

"I thought that once I slept on the floor being seme metieranetre skin and the floor, so keep them company, my wife said" bags of sweets here, and then get wet in the rain and drowned. Empesar Tenel secretly with the help of my children and, little by little, it was accepting ela, "said the Colombian.
Hector scorpions alos fed with cockroaches and other incepted provided by their neighbors.

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