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Monday, November 1, 2010

We lie NASA

Long ago we believe everything NASA says its supposed theories or discoveries, but its amazing ..! 1 actually tell us the truth? I think not. Derrepente is that if we tell the truth we would dominate the panic and people would return desquisiada asiq eu just tell us only what interests us and reassure us but not what actually happens. For example:

1 .- It is known that the aliens are alos big eyes like humans and intelligent ideas? this is not a mere imagination for anyone to imagine something before you have to do something similar to see the idea as well that in this twentieth century, nothing is impossible anything can happen you just have to give wing idea that we must live as best we can.

2 .- dodne imagined the UFOs? (The models of their ships) and even qeu can travel light years, I think that's not a silly idea listo.Ellos they imagined and are not children so that they can think of an idea and ready to publish it as their training is first and before you know uan idea do thousands of investigations to confirm

3 .- Why believe they are building a platform in space? as far as I understood that I have is for an alleged destruction of the earth and they can go out and taken refuge there. Not a bad idea that emergancia plan but all do not fit there so just take alos scholars and millionaires.

4 .- They say they found water on Mars ..! that would be good if we could all go but in fact by now that water is frozen and scientists working to create a giant mirror the size of Mexico to melt the ice with light sosal and to develop a nursery to help create Planat the oxigeno.Claro that's not the wing tomorrow night and that is why they do not offer it as a fact but only as alternative called salvation.

5 .- So we must prepare for what is coming either today, tomorrow, or 5.000 years atros here give thanks that we are not immortal and we hope that our country will last for much longer.

We must exploit our minds do not let them die without tap to use even 10%.

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