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Friday, December 10, 2010

Death squad or red squad

Photographer Gary alarmed that the population lives on the creeps by crime.
The photographer Gary arrived at the restaurant for its beef stew with white rice, potatoes and yellow rocotito ground. Then he ordered a cup of warm anise to lose fat.
"Mary, I am very sorry. The latest victim of the wretched "brand" has been a small-only three years old. These bastards have spoiled life, because in their attempt to steal two thousand dollars to the grandparents of the small, the shot and have caused irreversible damage. Doctors said the bullet damaged his little column, so it would be a quadriplegic. Peru is praying that Romina Cornejo out of his serious condition with the help of God.
But that is not only asks the Peruvian people, because people live with "creeps" for the advancement of crime do not respect anything or anyone. Moreover, the streets heard several voices calling appear once called "death squads" and end forever with these scourges of society.
Just had lunch and appeared in the restaurant captain Chacón, police unsung hero who fought in the 80 terrorist brutality in the jungle. He is now retired and live on a salary of 1,500 soles very poor and no government will acknowledge what he did in Peru.
"Gary, the" death squads "emerged in Brazil, are police and military groups operating outside the law. They do what they call "clean" in the streets. Barren with criminals who have no choice, and consider evils. If you think someone is guilty, they capture it, take him to a remote location and executed. Sometimes leave the bodies lying everywhere or otherwise funds. But among many of its victims are innocent, "he said.
I remember that there is a film that reflects the actions of these commands annihilation, is called "Elite Squad." There looks like these "squads ..." cross that fine line between what is right and what is prohibited. Act without mercy.
It is true that many thugs have no cure, but face violence with violence, more violence just drops. Think well on what is going to do crime. Our police should be better equipped in all respects, to face "." Geez, my friend is right. And afraid to go out into the street. Any thief of "middling" I kill for a single. I'm terrified. Take care.

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