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Monday, December 27, 2010

Secret U.S.

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By BBC World

Efforts to isolate the president of Venezuela and the request for information on mental health of the president of Argentina are some of the information contained in the purported U.S. secret diplomatic cables obtained by the website Wikileaks, which were released today by the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

According to El Pais, among the 250,000 published papers dealt with "efforts to woo Latin American countries to isolate the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez as well as" the continuing pressures on the various governments, from Brazil to Turkey to promote commercial interests or U.S. military. "

The Spanish daily also refers to "the suspicion that the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, wakes up in Washington, to the extent that the Secretary of State arrives to inquire about your mental health. "

Por BBC Mundo
In addition, "there are cables of great historical value, such as revealing the commitment of U.S. diplomacy for the overthrow of Panamanian General Manuel Antonio Noriega or detailing certain movements in the United States during the coup that deposed Manuel Zelaya in Honduras ".

Details of this information promise to be addressed in subsequent deliveries, the newspaper said.

The leaked documents are being published by newspapers worldwide, after an appeal challenged Wikileaks U.S. government so that it will not release the documents.

White House condemned the publication of diplomatic cables, calling it dangerous and unwise. In a statement, Washington said the disclosures could compromise private discussions with governments and leaders of other countries.

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