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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

U.S. sex offender locator

Sex Offender Tracker program, designed for mobile or iPhone android, real-time display areas of the United States where men accused of sexual harassment or rape.

In addition to the specific details of the crime committed, the application displays photos and general information about the criminals.

"We strongly believe in the power of technology to keep people safe," Ross said Cohen, co-founder BeenVerified.

It costs $ 1.99 and the camera phone combines with GPS to provide accurate information about the image you see at that time.

BeenVerified is investigating antecedents of consumers, and was the one who launched the application classified as augmented reality.

The application shows the positions of these people as red dots on a map and select any of these points will get more information.

The company promises to earmark 5% of the proceeds of this application to a charitable organization called the National Network of Rape, Abuse and Incest (RAINN), an NGO that helps victims of rape and sexual harassment.

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