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Friday, September 30, 2011

Justin Bieber gets into a street fight

Fans of Justin Bieber have been stunned to see these images: his hero gets into a street fight. In the video we see how the young singer is facing two other violent chicosde ... What happened to Bieber to get this vein so dodgy? Do you put him? Are you insulted? We know the whole truth ...

It is normal to see a teen idol getting into a street fight in the eyes of the world. Justin Bieber's fans have been seeing this video that looks like the young singer is facing two guys you just fighting violently. Come on, such is the fury of the other two Bieber just lying on the ground ...

What happened here? Bieber insulted ¿? Do you put him? Have you sought the mouth?Not so! You can be reassured: this is an announcement that Justin has shot to educate the youth against harassment in schools and psychological and physical abuse known as 'bullying'.

Go scare! Especially if we consider that the video was broadcast on YouTube without realizing that it was a fiction, so many of his followers took a great dislike ... Bieber Can you imagine in the middle of a fight like this?

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