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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


There is no doubt that technology is advancing day by day. Who does not remember, the mice (mouse) having ball, then LEDs, then and now laser mice do not even need to be in contact with the table to work.

So last week unveiled Logitech MX Air, which can be brandished in the air in the style of Wii. Equipped with motion sensors that can detect changes of position in space, the MX Air can be used as a conventional mouse but also grip and to move the pointer while we, for example, sitting on the couch ...

Even recognizes gestures that serve as shortcuts to certain functions, change songs, video, etc ... -. For example, to move a song to do a circular motion clockwise to decrease volume, press the volume button and move the device to the left. It's a great idea, and not just for media playback. Use the mouse on the table can eventually cause wrist injuries. Using it in the air can hold your hand in a more relaxed and natural.

Also thinking of everything, a control algorithm eliminates any movement that considers involuntary or too small. The cursor will remain so still on the screen, even the hand shake.

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