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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The new Google Goggles, Project Glass, crossing the border that separates the real from the virtual. What do and what are they?

Recently we talked about augmented reality, and now comes the turn to comment on one of their most promising: Google Project Glass, glasses that make augmented reality in our view.

What is Google Project Glass?

They are augmented reality special glasses developed by Google to turn our vision into something similar to the screen of a smartphone. Thus "in the air" may appear to us to learn more about options for what we are seeing, or notifications.

What is?

It has many uses, some of them:
- View additional information from objects or places we are watching.
- Recognizes the user's voice, so we can say, "How to get to the street x?" And appear before our eyes a plane with the best route from your position.
- Make video conference.
- Taking pictures and filming.

¿I can see how it works?

Sure, Google made ​​available a video showing how it will work:

As commented the leader Steve Lee product, they want everything shown in the video can be made for when you leave the product. Does it seem somewhat futuristic, right?

What are the problems?

There are some obstacles that this technology will have to overcome. First talk to a pair of glasses in the middle of the street may not like many people. Another issue is that in the video at times seems to choose options with the mind.

When will it be available?

No exact date yet, but we sense that over 2013 could hit the market. Of course the price is a mystery, and if too high, people could take a long time to adapt this technology.

Would you like to use these glasses on a daily basis? I at least am sure.

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