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Monday, December 10, 2012

Return Facebook

Was fallen almost 80 minutes and over 500 million UserN with the idea of never returning to Great Facebook.

Now only expect an explanation and hopefully not happen again because this problem was an unexpected drop Aque.

The last few weeks have not been too good for Facebook. After its IPO shares and gradual decline, the social network has had another major setback, but this time it was technical.

The platform has been falling for some users up to 80 minutes this morning in Spain, ie in the afternoon picking his followers of the western United States and Canada.

The ruling has not only caused inconvenience to users of Facebook, but also represents a substantial economic loss to the company of Palo Alto. If the service is not available on the ads displayed users and therefore not generate revenue for the social network.  

The problem also refers to one of the fears of the company Mark Zuckerberg embodied in its regulatory filings prior to becoming a public company, "If Facebook is not available when users try to or not does not load as fast as expected, our visitors can not return to our site too often in the future or dropping out altogether. "

At the moment it is unknown what would have been the reason for the blackout. He recalls GigaOM Facebook would have had serious problemastan since 2010, when a database error threw down the platform. The social network also fell for a brief period earlier this year and was also inoperative in March for European users for some time.

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