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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Colaborame pe 'Brother

This afternoon directing my high school any day or days as everyone is not uncommon to see alos "vendors" if they call puedn alos get buses to offer the "great products" general mind take you to the hospital, good but for them is their job. that such a race, and people must be tired of barely sauber a big bus up a stranger's face and asked desauciado money ....!!! ami apparently it is as low as a human being can be amnos men with two well placed, two legs as firm and selling candy or inventing hurts even worse giving your mother is dying, his daughter is severe, your dog died, Grandma is going to Aluz, etc ....!! stupid things that make you look bad to our society and as such bad luck tubieran are not "WORK" Ray better not say that I do not like work that sounds more credible, but his magic little word llegana get your mission.
- "Good afternoon, all dealing with the transport unit. Look, I know you say boring out that there is another vendor but look, please do not humiliate me, not insult me, do not ignore me, I turn around his eyes ... there are many people who is asleep, it is insulting one, but look, I do not come to steal, I try to earn an honest living by selling this product. Robbed and killed me before, but I changed after I got out of jail in Central Victoria learned to earn their living. "

- "In any store or bookstore has a value of 5 to 2 soles but I will sell it at factory prices and only for today, this product will come to offer him only the value of only 1 sun, if anyone was interested and wants to take what this beautiful product, I will be going for his place to deliver. "

- "And hoping that God has touched your heart's door (at the time you hit the roof of the bus to give emphasis to the request), if you do not have a sun, with a dime, 20 cents, 10 cents, or it is your will, enough to help me. "

I think this is an emergency and must end NOW! can not continue to rob us of that. Alos only thing I would do that would support small Also as you might think they are trying to get ahead but seeing moyores to persons in those conditions with his bag of candy or singing worse than or as Monic Pardo Chimoltrufia. Y or believe that these vendors do not have to have heart does it every time Medeco as auemnto go.

There are cases when I do long trips and I have to take 3 to 4 buses enter simply give me the surprise that rise between 7 to 10 vendors can be expected if they were given a tip by adding all that would spread from two to three suns in a single day and if I make these trips a day or so ...!!! ! The leave to you!

And if you still are not aware these "ABOVE" They dare to take loans from credit unions. My brother still serves customers who pay their monthly fees just selling candy, says such cases cinfidentes me but I think in this case had to put in this blog.

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