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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brotherhood Crusade solidarity of the Lord of Miracles

Endia today and definitely no respect tothe saints. a few days ago the Lord of Miracles has just suffered a theft of their belongings in a town south of Lima (San Pedro Del Valle D and Mala) with an amount of 30Kilogramaos of silverware anda lso lord of miracles in the brotherhood Mala on a crusade to restore solidarity silver plated nuevo.Para getting one this November 1 will be activities in a Grand Cross of Solidarity with artistic participation in the main square of Mala, where parishioners can participate with their donations. It is a pity that these acts of vandalism in Mala keep happening without the authorities concerned take necessary actions to prevent them.

Bad a few years ago would be impossible for such incidents occur, pathetic mint with the arrival of people from other places that are going to invade these sites no longer sepuede quiet streets with wings out any kind of sure hope that does not keep growing crime those sites containing such beautiful landscapes "ALOS HIGH THEFT"

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