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Monday, November 1, 2010

The 33 miners in Chile

One capsule will descend over 600 meters to move one by one to the surface to 33 workers remain trapped underground since Aug. 5

The imminence of the anticipated redemption also the Minister of Mines, Laurence Golborne, announcing that it appears that the recovery will begin "at zero hour on Wednesday." Golborne said that it was tested with the rescue capsule that will take the bottom of the tunnel miners.

He said the rescue cage down to 610 meters, "the results of that test were very promising." The capsule fell at least four times, about six in the morning without experiencing any wobble and "there is no dust or even fall," he said.

Sougarret André, the head of the rescue team who wrote in his Twitter account last night message of miners in the shaft, said earlier that "we have eliminated the risk of entrapment" of the capsule Phoenix, steel and 3.95 meters tall.

The tunnel ended at the weekend is 622 meters and reaches a workshop at which 33 accessed via a corridor from the shelter where they were the day of the collapse, on 5 August. Golborne said the strengthening of the tunnel suffered inconvenience, the lock one of the steel tubes were introduced. That was cut a bit and allowed the process to that depth of 55 meters to prevent damage to the pit. The original plan was to strengthen at least the initial 96 meters of the pipeline.

Before the start of the bailout, will install the platform that will underpin the mechanism for the capsule up and down the hole, which will take about 48 hours, said Golborne.

Operation San Lorenzo, as the stage of rescue named after the patron saint of miners, it takes about 48 hours.

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