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Monday, November 1, 2010

What is celebrated on All Saints' Day?

What is celebrated on All Saints' Day?

The Universal Church celebrates on a specific day feasts of saints who have "reputation" or bring a "message" to the whole Church. To remember those who have no explicit one day, for a long time, instituted the Feast of All Saints' Day is celebrated on the first of November.

The Catholic Church has been called "saints" to those who have dedicated their lives to him as comfortable as possible with the Lord.

There are some who have been "canonized", or officially declared saints by the Supreme Pontiff, so that through his intercession were achieved remarkable miracles, and that after having carefully examined his writings and have done a thorough investigation and interrogation witnesses who accompanied him on his life, he has concluded that practiced the virtues to a heroic degree.

To be declared a "saint" by the Catholic Church requires a series of rigorous procedures. First a thorough investigation with people who knew him, to see if indeed his life was exemplary and virtuous. If we can prove by the testimony of many that their behavior was exemplary, it is declared "Servant of God." If detailed investigations are concluded that his virtues were heroic, is declared "Venerable." Later, if by some miracle intercession get totally inexplicable by human means, is declared "Blessed." Finally, if we get a new and wonderful miracle to have sought her intercession, the Pope declared "holy."

In the case of saints canonization procedure has been rapid, such as for San Francisco de Asis and San Antonio, which only lasted 2 years.

Very few others have been declared saints six years after his death, or at 15 or 20 years. For the vast majority of the proceedings for his beatification and canonization are 30, 40, 50 or even a hundred years or more. After 20 or 30 years of investigations, the different rates for beatification or canonization, depending who sooner or later get the required miracles.

The saints "canonized" by the Catholic Church officially are thousands. But there is a huge amount of canonized saints, but they are already enjoying God in heaven. They are dedicated to this event especially today.

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