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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DJ` Jack

"DJ` Jack '(John Sirlupu Olivari) recognized DJ `20, lives in Pueblo Nuevo de Chepen - La Libertad (Peru). Take this wonderful gift that is 4 years Commencing his career very early age at time poc way to FL Studio and Quincesañero debut was in a very close friend to this was already known by the name DJ `Concio Jack was then that his great artistic gift to make people feel great GOSO wings of music.

These past 4 years and still continues to release their mix to their fans via internet we hope will be most welcome. Leave his personal website - http://www.jotavip.tk/ - Download and news where you can find all kinds of music and personal data contracts and / or support in his great career mash of music, your approval and hope to continue delighting their most great mix.
(Information center-Juanz "Kurama").

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