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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Liat Studio - Hosting en domino koop

EstudioLiate.Com is a 100% Venezolñana specializing in Web page hosting on Linux and Windows, Domain Name Registration and Web page design revolves around a powerful thing, the Internet, our goal is to provide a service of good quality at a reasonable cost by providing all the technology together with our experience for this.
Hosting a website may seem simple, really it is just about to merge, effective speed, reliability technology and common sense, the result of all this set is a good service, that's what makes us experts Web page hosting, we have the latest generation servers to ensure optimal service.

1.-All our plans include a Web Application Installer (Fantastico) includes more than 50 applications

2.-Reseller plans allow you to host multiple domain aliases both adding and configuring email accounts for them.

3.-The connection of our servers is 10 Gb Gigabyte directly to multiple fiber optic lines

4.-The service is supported by 2 Intel Xeon 3.0 Ghz speed and reliability assured

5.-Online Support 24 / 7 by Email, phone or online support via an application installed on our Website

6.-Cpanel Latest version available in Spanish, the most powerful control panel with more options

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