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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Google offers reward to those who discover security flaws

The software giant Google created a reward of 500 to 3 000 $ 133 (238 from 357 to 2000 euros) for those who discover security flaws in web applications, announced on his blog.

"We hope our new program will attract more researchers and produce the kind of reports that serve to enhance the safety of our users," said the text reproducing DPA.

There is already a similar program but only for the web browser Chrome. Now, the reward was extended to "any serious failure that directly affects the reliability or integrity of user data." The amount of money to pay will be determined by a guild of experts.

This week it emerged that U.S. technology firm Coverity discovered a security flaw in the Android mobile operating system from Google. As a result, it is possible to spy on emails and other sensitive information from the smartphone.

For the analysis took a phone from the Taiwanese firm HTC with Android, the Financial Times Deutschland. HTC is one of the leading companies that use the Google system.

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