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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hacker "world's sexiest" risking 40 years in prison

Up to 40 Years in Prison Cristina Svechinskaya risks, considered the hacker world's sexiest "Way For attempting to steal $ 220 million cybersecurity.

The 22 year old would have defrauded a British and American banks, opening paragraph CoMeter Five unlawful Accounts, Management and For Whose received 35 million dollars.

According to the prosecution informed the UN virus inserted in Email Addresses divert money from accounts of Small Businesses and individuals created The Up With up to commit the illegal.

Although "Operation reached a raise Nearly 70 Million Dollars, Were Arrested and 37 of its stakeholders in New York.

Both the Russian Svechinskaya, like the other people attending the Crime That Were recruited and through social networks and ads, they seized on false passports.

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