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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hacking the Police website

A fellow named "Jardha" entered the portal of the PNP and left the message: "Catch me if you can. 0day vulnerability IIS (found by me). "

From 8 am, the website of the National Police of Peru appeared 'hacked' by a guy who calls himself "Jardha" and who says living in Arequipa. At present, the problem was solved.

The hacker left a message on the website of the PNP, "Catch me if you can. 0day vulnerability IIS (found by me). " She even gave the address of your emails by way of mockery.

MINIMISING DONE. Sergio Monar Moyoli Colonel, head of the Department of Telematics of the National Police said that the server has not violated connectivity with security systems of the NPP, so this intervention poses no danger. He said that identify the "hacker" and then denounce

"This site is only used by police to provide information. Everyone has access to it, despite certain barriers have been 'hacked', but the problem is being solved and the next minute be back to normal, "said Kurama (juanz).

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