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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Metropolitan Cards

The Lima can be purchased at more than 140 electronic cash or smart card providers to use the new transport system in Lima, known as The Metropolitan, which will begin operations in April.

These dispensers, similar to bank ATMs will be installed at the terminals, stations and intermediate stops The Metropolitan, and in more than 100 points of sale that is made available to the public in various streets of the capital.

"In all there will be stalls selling the card lady, and these ATMs will also be able to buy or recharge these cards have a chip known as a smart wallet," said the municipal councilor Roxana Rocha.

The building industry official explained that these vending machines will have a display and buttons for the user to choose between purchasing or recharging of the card, stating the amount that corresponds, according to passenger type (adult, school, university, etc.). .

While these ATMs will have a compartment for the user to enter notes and coins for the deal, has not yet been determined whether they will have a system that allows users to make change using high-denomination money.

"The consortium coordinator (Protransprote) will have to make the programs to determine if the cashier handed back (...) We also have established agreements with stalls around the segregated corridor to install the smart ATM" he said.

After noting that there will be no minimum or maximum amounts for recharging cards The Metropolitan, the councilor announced that more providers will install electronics in the capital, to the extent that it will expand the use of this transport system.

The electronic card will be the only means of payment for transportation in the modern natural gas buses in the Metropolitan, which will connect the districts of Comas Chorrillos and through an exclusive trunk road.

According to the Havana municipality, tickets for transportation on these buses do not exceed the actual cost of urban transport services.

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