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Friday, December 3, 2010

Robbers take hostages in bank commercial area of Lima

A group of offenders has today taken by force a branch of BBVA Banco Continental, with an unspecified number of hostages, Gamarra shopping area in the capital district of La Victoria, after police raid his intention frusto financial institution.

Shortly after 14.00 hours (19.00 GMT), police officers from different units approached the place to build a security cordon of two streets, while the offenders remained barricaded inside the bank.

Also recorded the presence of police snipers were stationed on nearby buildings.

Witnesses told Radio Programas del Peru (RPP) that criminals would be about seven, and would have entered hooded and with weapons in hand within the bank.

No official information yet on the number of offenders, or the number of hostages, including employees and customers.

The branch is located in the sixth block of the street Gamarra, La Victoria, one of the busiest areas of Lima for many apparel factories in place and that at this time near the Christmas holiday draws thousands of citizens of all the Peruvian capital.

According to initial reports from reporters at the scene, the attackers tried to contact the police through several papers released by the front door of the room.

At this point, the police maintained secrecy about the actions it intends to take, whether to negotiate with the attackers or the attempt to free the hostages by an operation.

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