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Monday, December 6, 2010

Tilsa Lozano: "I have back for awhile"

Tilsa Lozano: "I have back for awhile"

The 'Bunny' small confessed that his mother thought he was going to be star. On the other hand, said: "I consider myself a company, my body opened the door to this business but I kept my personality"

"I'm an exhibitionist, but the time when I'm shy," says Tilsa Lozano, one of the most desirable women in the country and possessing a tail, which he says, owes much of its success. The 'Bunny' confessed that he was very young and she was tempted by the pictures and the runways and even her mother came to think it would be star.

"I've always been a brothel, I always liked the feathers and sequins, exhibitionism, photos (laughs). My mom thought I was going to be star. If asked for a picture, I was the first to pose. Do you know how I punished? Putting forbidding wearing miniskirts and trousers. I cried ... and was only four years (laughs), "he said in an interview Tilsa" Peru.21. "

Although it has the look of a femme fatale, the model said it was quite shy. "I am very contradictory because I'm good flirt, but when when I'm shy. I'm an exhibitionist but reserved. I like to wear a shortie dress, take off her tits and ass show, but that does not make me an easy girl ", was the model who also confessed that at first many designers not taking into account because they felt that their back was too large.

"I consider myself a business. I know that my body has opened many doors, but my personality and what I am led me to stay where I am, "he says Tilsa, who claims to have" ass for awhile. "

With regard to the criticism he received because of your cellulite, Tilsa returned to downplay those comments. "I have said that there are more important to know whether I have cellulite on the back. I panzon and I have cellulite, yes, then what, I'm a human being, "he says.

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