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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Twitter has more than 145 million registered users, of which 46% regularly use a mobile phone to Twitter, according to company CEO, Evan Williams.

Williams said the number of people who use Twitter through the cell is growing, an increase of 62% between mid-April. In addition, there are almost 300.00 third party applications that have been developed around the service.

Twitter created his own iPhone app after the acquisition of one of these development companies, but there are also apps for Google Android and RIM BlackBerry.

Williams also gave a list of the most common forms of twitter, which are headed by the Twitter website (78%), the mobile version (m.twitter.com, 14%), text messages (8%), Twitter iPhone (8%) and Twitter for Blackberry (7%).
Other popular applications are TwitPic, TweetDeck, Echofon, Google Friend Connect and UberTwitter.
The figure accounts for the social network continues to grow strongly, even when just starting to convert those visitors into money through advertising initiatives.

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